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by The Intuitive Leader


  • Workshops & talks on
    - feminist principles and practices in business and education
    - the power of your intuition and learning how to use it in your leadership
    - The Intuitive Leader for change makers and social entrepreneurs

  • Individual guidance sessions

  • Events & retreats

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About the founder

Alexandra Hasdorf (DK) founded The Intuitive Leader as a reaction to what she describes as one of the biggest blind spots today among leaders and change makers: the “interior condition” from which we operate. She wanted to grow a more regenerative social change culture having witnessed how society is failing to teach how to care for the inner conditions needed to maintain a sense of wellbeing and fulfilment while working to bring about social change in our world. Which is what ultimately affects the sustainability and impact of the interventions.

Besides being a social entrepreneur from Kaospilots and process consultant working with facilitating change processes on small and large scale, she also has a background as a yoga teacher. A tradition she generously draws insights from in her work with The Intuitive Leader.

She describes herself as an activist for the good life, considers nature her greatest teacher and is on a mission to bring more feminine values into the world of business and education.

Questions that drive her work are: what does it mean to be human today, and where do we turn for answers?

Listen to Alexandra explaining more about the project and its relevance in the world in the DR-P1 podcast series “De Højere Magter” (Danish)

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