Consider it a North Star …

The 10 Principles is a framework for the practical application of The Intuitive Leader. It is a lifelong practice that takes place in all areas of life, which you cannot ever tick off as ‘done’.
The principles are like a North Star where you know when you are heading in the right direction - a spiritual compass.

10 Principles for The Intuitive Leader

How to use the principles:

  • A set of guidelines to be led by in one’s work/education/business

  • A part of a daily practice to remind oneself, e.g. using them as mantras or for meditation (each principle holds immense depth and can be continually explored and unfolded)

  • Sharing - e.g. try to put them up on the wall space in your work space as an invitation for reflection and awareness around how we bring ourselves to work and the culture that reinforces

  • Providing a shared language as medium to open up for conversations and collective and individual inquiry. Language is a powerful tool when trying to shift society’s mainstream norms and values. This is acknowledging that for the current state of society, these principles are in fact quite radical and rebellious. It takes courage to follow them, for which a language is needed

The principles are intended to be used in several ways. There’s no right or wrong. Feel free to hack them in the way that suits you the best!
get in touch if you feel inspired or have an idea or want to share a reflection on the 10 Principles for The Intuitive Leader.

When we don’t have a narrative for something, it remains largely invisible on our radar
— Alexandra, Founder of The Intuitive Leader