The Intuitive Leader

Reinventing leadership

The intuitive leader reinvents how we teach leadership to future change makers

It is a response to society’s mainstream, productivity-obsessed approach to business and entrepreneurship

It shows an alternative, more regenerative way of working with social change rooted in feminine values

A way that teaches how well-being inspires well-doing


How to lead yourself:

  1. Develop a relationship with your intuition

  2. Have the courage to follow its guidance


Intuitive Leadership:
An Alternative Rooted in Feminine Values

The vision for The Intuitive Leader is to present an alternative to the dominant masculine values in today’s society.

It is a response to the root causal challenges we are facing today in the world by presenting the forgotten alternative way of being:

a more feminine approach – to business, to education, to social change.

It is thereby not as such a critique towards masculine values, but is rather a mission of bringing the two sides back into balance – as a way of bringing ourselves back into balance.

The Intuitive Leader does so by focusing on the importance of slowing down in today’s fast moving world, listening deeply to sense what wants to happen, and it shows how connecting to your intuition can be your most powerful tool as a leader and change maker.

This is what the crises we are facing today require us to in order to heal and move beyond. These are skills needed today in all jobs, industries and cultures.

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Embracing The Intuitive Leader and leaving the conventional way of doing business takes courage and compassion and requires deep inner work
— Alexandra, Founder of The Intuitive Leader